Volkswagen Scirocco–Why Can’t We Have It?

The 2009 Volkswagen Scirocco promises to deliver what the original Scirocco did: GTi performance in a stylishly-wrapped body.  It will offer three engines, possibly even VAG’s 1.4 litre “Twincharger,” a turbo-and-supercharged four-banger that doles out around 210bhp.  The other two powerplants will be the 2.0 turbo four with 207-240 bhp depending on what VW does, and possibly a 280bhp V6 or VR6.  Couple that with the GTI’s handling and balance and VW’s top-notch interior, and we have a home run. Right?  Well, if “we” consists of the U.S., then no.  “We” don’t get the Scirocco, according to VAG management.  That’s too bad, because the previous Scirocco’s and the Corrado were all fairly successful here. 

The 2009 VW Scirocco

The 2009 VW Scirocco


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