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BMW 335i Software Tuning

Posted in bmw, cars, Maintenance and Care, tunermobiles with tags , , on August 11, 2008 by lee76

Everybody knows the E90/91/92/93 335 with the N54 twin-turbo engine (now also the E60 535 and E82 135) is a tuner’s dream car.  It’s a simple formula:  if you have turbo(s), you can increase their boost output by changing the electronic codes that govern them.  This means you can achieve big power gains with only software modifications instead of altering the engine’s internal mechanical components.  And now that the engine has been in service for a good while, we’re seeing more and more software modifications on the market.  There are two basic types: downloads to the ECU, and “piggyback” systems.  Downloads actually modify the ECU software while the piggyback systems change the information going to the ECU, resulting in more boost, among other things. I’ll try to cover as many as I can, and bear in mind I don’t know nothin’ bout them newfangled computer thingys.  Continue reading


Automotive Maintenance

Posted in cars, Maintenance and Care with tags , on March 5, 2008 by lee76

I’ve given a few hints about well-maintained cars in previous posts.  However, I won’t just hint in this one.  Maintenance is of paramount importance.  I am not just talking about taking it in for dealer “scheduled” maintenance or the occasional oil change in your driveway.  Drivers need a maintenance regime with respect to all fluids, filters, and rubber items.  You need to properly wash, wax and maintain the paint, keep the interior in shape and all the components functioning properly.  Otherwise, no matter what you buy, you’ll end up with a piece of crap that also looks like crap.  I’ll start with mechanical and end with cosmetic maintenance. 

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