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REVIEW: Best Luxobarges Over $65K

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I was also asked to rate the bigs, and here are my impressions in no particular order: 

Lexus LS460 and LS460L.  It will be a fairly reliable car, with an excellent quiet ride, lots of luxury goodies and a lot of wowee-neato electronic features that actually work quite well. The 4.6l 380bhp V8 and 8-speed auto work well together; all those gears really do improve performance and economy. Yet it’s handling leaves a lot to be desired, it is boring, and its braking performance is actually quite atrocious: it’s 70-0 distance was about 30 FEET LONGER than the next competitor. It was even longer than that of an Escalade. 30 feet is huge when you’re trying to stop. Figure paying about $68K-$75K for one with decent options. Lexus Site

Infiniti M35/M45, which is going to be smaller than the Lexus. Both cars will be fairly reliable, comfortable, and user-friendly, especially in the navigation and climate control interfaces; the interior is also quite understated and tasteful.  Performance-wise, the car has had rave reviews with good handling and a gem of an engine with the V8.  The VQ 3.5 and 3.7 literV6 is good too, but starts to sound like a John Deere at high revs. Downsides are that the car may not be as big as you want, and Nissan does have some occasional reliability issues. Pay about $46K for the V6 and $56K for the V8 with decent options, but again, I’m afraid the biggest Infiniti is still a little too small.  Infiniti Site Continue reading