The 335i

This is my 2007 E92 335: Space Grey/Grey with 6speed manual transmission, sport and premium packages, with NO GPS and iDrive.  I picked it up last January 2007 and have been enjoying it ever since.  The 300 (advertised) horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque are very linear; the car displays almost zero turbo lag, although there isn’t much steam  left after 6000 rpm.  As for handling, the car’s very competent and balanced for being so heavy, with little understeer and good road feel.  Could use a little less body roll, IMHO.  The seats are nothing less than works of art; best in the industry. I removed the 335i badge from the trunklid to clean things up a bit. Yet, I do have some other plans for this car.  First, I want to have a Dinan software download installed. According to Dinan this download will increase crank horsepower to around 384 and torque to 421.  The best part is that the software keeps the engine safe by tapering boost at high revs and increasing the flow from the electronic water pump.  I may just consider a full Dinan S-1 Signature Package, with the excellent suspension upgrades and high-capacity oil cooler.



One Response to “The 335i”

  1. ummm, i’m pretty sure i’m supposed to get credit for taking those pictures…

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