About Me

I’m Lee.  From as far back as I can remember, I’ve always been a car nut.  I think it was my Dad’s maroon ’70 BMW 2002 that got me started.  I used to sit in that car and pretend to drive it for hours on end (I may have flooded the carbs once or twice).  Then it just got worse when we got a 1971 Jag E-Type 4.2 FHC when I was in Jr. High.  I knew better and didn’t flood that one while I was pretending to drive it.  I learned to drive on a ’90 BMW E34 535i, Cinnabar red on black with a 5-speed and that indomitable M30 big six.  I had an ’86 Saab 900 as my high-school driver that I traded for an ’89 900Turbo (grey) in college because the 900 was, well, slow and it wasn’t grey.  The Turbo torque-steered its way through college then lost its tranny and fell apart my last year of law school, which marked the time when I learned about maintenance.  I duly graduated, got a job, and a 2000 BMW E46 323Ci, which was Steel Grey on grey leather.  Anybody see a theme forming here? 

Throughout that time I read almost every automotive publication out there from Car and Driver to Roundel to Hot Rod and Car Craft.  I filled my head with car knowledge to the point where my friends would start to look at me funny when I was talking cars.  Which was all the time.  Fast forward to now, and the law practice is going well representing construction industry players, and I was actually able to convince a nice Charlotte girl to marry me.  In 2007, BMW had to go and put the twin-turbo N54 in the new E92 3-series coupe.  I signed up for that with a big grin on my face.  It’s fast.  It handles beautifully.  It’s grey. 

Believe it or not, I do like some other things.  For instance, I love my wife, Samantha. That should be a given.  I enjoy scotch out on the back patio–I’m not talking Cutty Sark, here–with a good cigar like a REAL Cohiba. I’m interested in general aviation as I would often go flying with my Dad when I was a kid.  I may get my license some time.  I read all the time, and not just car books; I’ll read anything, really.  I follow business and economic trends pretty closely, and I watch the markets daily (equities, futures, bonds, currencies), however I’m no day-trader.   I love my job–it couldn’t be a better fit for me. 

I hate taxes. 


4 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Christie Young Says:

    I’ve nothing to add car-wise, but cool website and I’m glad you have an outlet for your passion. I’ll pop in and out while in school and see if I can understand anything going on here. I think your out of my budget though. Find me a great car with four wheel or all wheel drive to get up my driveway in winter. I’m on the market.
    your cousin,

  2. As one of those friends who looks at you funny when you talk cars, I gladly confirm that you are an A-1 (or should that be M5?) certified Car Nut. Nothing wrong with that, though, and kudos on the blog.

  3. Hey, Christie! Hope everything’s going well out there in Washington. I’ll do a new post to answer your car questions.

  4. Hey Now. Isn’t it true that you were conceived in a 1975 Trabant? And isn’t it true that you lost your virginity in a 1986 Brown Dodge LeBaron to a girl named Chevelle?

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