Great Track Cars

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I’ve always said, “Need to get out to the track,” or “Gotta go to one of those high performance driving schools the Club does.”  Yeah, yeah.  Well, I did it.  Now I’m addicted.  Here’s the problem, however.  I have a car that cost almost fifty grand, and it would be the only thing in my current sparse stable I could take out to the track that could “hang.” I really don’t want to replace the brakes, the brake fluid, the tires, possibly the rear floor (Mike?), my bank account, my ego, my engine (hey look, anyone is at risk of money-shifting).  So I’ve been looking for a track car.  Something that can be modified with a proper roll cage if I get that that far into it; something that I won’t care if I ding up.  My results are set forth below, and they are just off the top of my head.  Feel free to add more cars via “comments”: Continue reading


Automotive Maintenance

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I’ve given a few hints about well-maintained cars in previous posts.  However, I won’t just hint in this one.  Maintenance is of paramount importance.  I am not just talking about taking it in for dealer “scheduled” maintenance or the occasional oil change in your driveway.  Drivers need a maintenance regime with respect to all fluids, filters, and rubber items.  You need to properly wash, wax and maintain the paint, keep the interior in shape and all the components functioning properly.  Otherwise, no matter what you buy, you’ll end up with a piece of crap that also looks like crap.  I’ll start with mechanical and end with cosmetic maintenance. 

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Used All Wheel Drive Rides

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As promised, here is the review of some used all wheel drive cars.  Many of these can be had for fairly reasonable prices, some are still quite dear, and others, well let’s say you wouldn’t want your friends to catch you driving them, but they’re still loads of fun.  I didn’t include the obvious Subarus and Mitsus.  It is indeed possible that your experience is different, but I haven’t seen a used Subaru or Mitsu that wasn’t beat to hell.  I’m sticking to the Germans on this one, with one exception.

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Run-Flat Tires–and No Spare!

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My 335 came equipped with Bridgestone Potenza RE050A run-flats.  Apparently BMW thinks that if you have run-flats, you don’t need a spare. We’ll see why that’s a total myth in a second.   The ‘Stones had a lot of grip in the corners, but not much else.  They were heavy, expensive, and in my opinion detrimental to the car’s ride.  After 20,000 miles, the rear tires were worn out, and no, I didn’t do a lot of burnouts.  Not too many burnouts.  Just a nice, reasonable number of burnouts.  Anyway, I replaced the ‘Stones with a set of vastly superior Continental ContiSport Contact 3’s.  The ride improved, grip stayed the same, and road feel was actually better.  The Conti’s are cheaper and they last longer than the ‘Stones.  To top it off, I bought a Continental inflation/foam kit in case I got a flat.  Continue reading

GPS–the World’s Best Solution

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Navigation Systems (or GPS’s) are a very popular option these days.  People like a Navigation System because it helps them find their destinations, and they can show their passengers how they shelled out for a new gadget.   Some GPS systems even guide their drivers with an automated voice.  The voice is especially credible if it speaks in a British accent, much like Kit on the old Knight Rider series.  I know I’d much rather have Kit telling me where to go than David Hasselhoff sitting in my back seat. Continue reading

All Wheel Drive Rides at Reasonable Prices

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I must say, with so many good all wheel drive cars out there today I almost don’t know where to begin.  Almost.  This post may evolve over time, and as always, I welcome additions and comments (especially from any of you rally people–yes that means you, Satch).  Let’s go… Continue reading

Audi R8…

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What can I say about this work of art that hasn’t already been said?  This thing is unbelievable to look at, especially with the stainless, silver, or carbon “blades” on the sides.  Get it in dark grey with the silver or even carbon blade.   I thought the superbowl commercial was dead-on, as well.  This car is really going to put Audi back on the map especially as a real alternative to Porsche (despite Porsche’s threatened cross-pollination with VAG).  I’d love to see the planned RS8 go up against the Porsche 997 Turbo and Ferrari 430 in a head-to-head competition.  I just bought a Powerball ticket.